Oedipus & Tisiphone's Photo Album

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Cassandra enjoying the sun in her apartment in Köln.

A very frightened Tisi's first introduction to her new home, after being rescued from the RSPCA at 8 weeks old.

Hestia spots something moving in the bushes while on holiday in Norfolk.

Oedipus at 7 weeks old - a very precocious little kitten.

Hestia enjoying a rare opportunity to frolic in deep snow.

Oedipus being groomed by Tisi when both were a few months old.

Jolly in her usual position - curled up on the bed.

The playful kitten - Oedipus during his violent phase (before he had Tisi to beat up).

Hestia finds a warm radiator.

Pippa enjoys the sun in her garden in Warrington.

Oedipus in his prime.

Hestia in one of her favourite spots under the laurel bushes.

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