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  Personal Details
  NAMEAlan WrigleyPhoto
  LOCATIONCalderdale, West Yorkshire
  EMAILalan at alanwrigley dot com
  Career History
  2001 - presentSelf-employed Software Developer and Contractor
Currently developing consumer applications aimed at the RISC OS desktop market and for networking between RISC OS and Windows. These include Grapevine, an instant messaging client, UniPrint which enables users of RISC OS computers to print documents and launch URLs and files to Windows across a network, Hermes, an advanced email and RSS transport application, and SafeStore, a comprehensive automated backup solution.
  1995 - presentInternet and Web publishing services and consultancy
Extensive use of HTML, Javascript, CGI, Perl, PHP, SQL. I have built and am currently maintaining an extensive e-commerce Web site for an international dating agency, using mostly CGI and Perl to provide online membership facilities, chat and messaging facilities, social event management and a comprehensive administration and customer usage analysis suite for the client. Also developing server-side software structures for other Internet-based services, and building a site to display and market a large photographic collection.
  1979 - presentFreelance photographer
(based in Germany 1979-82).
  1999 - 2001Senior Technologist (Director of Software Development)
The Kiss Principle Inc, Mountain View, California

Employed as lead engineer on conversational interface software projects for interactive television. Extensive use of C++, COM, Javascript and integration of ActiveX with Javascript, multithreading, sockets, XML, Windows NT/2000 and CE, MSTV, server applications, networking applications, IRC protocols. Developed chat clients, TV program guides, chat servers, data aggregation servers, script engines etc. Led and mentored a small team of junior engineers.
  1999Contractor to Acorn Computers Ltd
(at ImagicTV, New Brunswick, Canada)

Developed application for interactive television project to display broadcast notification messages over TV and Web pages
  1999Contractor to RISCOS Ltd., UK
Involved in the development of a major new version of the RISC OS operating system. Wrote a front end for configuration settings and also an installer for the OS.
  1998Contractor to Acorn Computers Ltd., Cambridge, UK
Developed a C/C++ engine for an email client application to be used on network computers for a consumer deployment in Scandinavia.
  1997 - 1998Consultant to Netchannel USA, San Francisco
Developed modules and applications to improve the reliability and performance of the online services that Netchannel provided to RCA network computer users, and to gather and analyse data for use by QA and customer service teams.
  1997Contractor to Network Computer Inc (now Liberate)
Redwood Shores, California

Led the development of an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for network computers, in both C++ and HTML/JavaScript versions, for NCOS and Navio DTV client systems.
  1996Contractor to Oracle Corporation
Redwood Shores, California

Member of team porting Oracle Media Objects to Acorn set-top box for the AMUSE enhanced TV project in Europe.
  1989 - 1998Computer journalist, both freelance and full-time
Wrote hundreds of articles of both a technical and a general nature for magazines aimed at users of Acorn RISC OS systems. Also wrote many programs published on magazine discs to illustrate technical articles. Included spells as both Technical Editor and Editor of RISC User magazine. In 1992 wrote a book based on a series of programming articles by a colleague.
  1984 - 1999Proprietor of Software Development Company
Developed and marketed computer software mostly for Acorn's RISC OS platform, published by my own company and by others. Consistently received excellent reviews in the Acorn-related press.
  Programming LanguagesExpert skills in C/C++, ARM assembler, Javascript, Perl, PHP, HTML, SQL, XML. Object oriented programming in C++, Javascript and Perl, and knowledge of Java.
  SystemsRISC OS, Windows CE, Windows NT/2000, network computers, WebTV, MSTV, Unix.
  ApplicationsDesktop applications, thin client applications, servers, client/server networking applications.
  GeneralFast learner - able to absorb and apply new concepts and technologies very quickly.
  SoftwareNumerous titles published by my own company and by others including Labelmaster, Vigil, TextAid, PolyGlot, WebMapper, SiteSeer, Grapevine, UniPrint, Hermes, SafeStore.
  BookWimp Programming for All (ISBN 1-85142-088-6).
  PhotographsUsed by Lufthansa, City of Cologne Tourist Office, numerous specialist and general interest magazines, books, advertising agencies etc.
  ArticlesPublished in computing, photographic, waterways and business magazines.
   Music, travel, photography, art.